Monitoring Devices and Technologies in Neuro ICU?

  1. Hi all, I'm curious, what are some examples of monitoring devices and technologies found in neuro ICUs? I know in the CTICU/CVICU, you could find ECMO, VADs, swans, IABP, CVVH, etc. so I'm wondering what types of devices and technologies do you work with in the neuro ICU? Thanks!
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  3. by   ICUman
    Extra-ventricular drains, intracranial bolts.
  4. by   /username
    The above plus caminos/pbo2 monitors, etc.

    Also worth noting that many places will see the things that you declare the purview of other ICUs, especially if their main problem is neuro. I started on a neuro ICU, and within the first two years, the only thing I didn't see was ecmo.

    There are many units that are more than one specialty as well. I've worked trauma and surgical ICU where i've had patients with all the machines hooked up to them. EVD, CRRT, ECMO, and IABP (it was VV ecmo)
  5. by   Delia37
    I work at a teaching facility and current monitoring modalities specific to the neuroscience ICU include Caminos (ICPs), Licox (cerebral oxygenation), cerebral perfusion (Hemedex), pupillometers and microdialysis (cerebral glucose/lactate).

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