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I was accepted :yeah: to Neumann and start in the fall. Has anyone attended Neumann's part time evening program? If so please give me feedback on the program.




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Yup! Graduated in December! Um every college has its ups and downs...With Neumann, you just gotta go with the flow... Some of the classes are pretty intense. You have to study ! Be able to put aside other stuff in your life for this program. Most of the teachers are great with one or two exceptions. In the end it did its job.. Passed boards 1st time then its on to real learning on the floor.


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Hello lmacks4,

Could you send me your personal email? I would like to talk with you about Neumann College nursing program. I got accepted as well but need a few answers on some things. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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I declined attendance due to the way they start the class I wanted to start sooner than next September. You have to take summer classes and they were full for 2010 already so I just applied to other accelerated programs and got accepted. I cant seem to email you or pm you so please feel free to ask your questions.


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Is anyone currently and/or graduated from the evening program at Neumann. If so could you please tell me about the application process and how the nursing program is overall.

Thank you.


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Hello bsnstudent2rn,

email me at [email protected]. for some reason its taking too long for me to send you a private message.

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