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Does anyone know whats on the NET exam so i can know what to study?! I've been told their is only reading comprehension and math from people who have taken it in the past but i dunno if the test has changed and added biology or anatomy like the HESI which i also am taking next month. So if anyone has just taken the NET recently please let me know what was covered on the exam so i know if their is something else other than reading comprehension and math I can study that as well.

future rn, I took the net test at Dallas Nursing Institute. yea i know i would have done way better if more time was allowed bc i made a 96% on the reading portion of the HESI. thats a big diffrence from a 61%! I really didnt have any problems at all with the math, even without a calculator. There was alot of conversion questions like coverting percentages to decimals and decimals to fractions..stuff like that. I think i only miss maybe one or two questions and it was probably just a missed error. different schools have different score minimums so I cant really say what is the lowest score you can make. I know for midwestern the website doesnt say a minimum score but it says you have to have a reading level of at least high school or above. When you get the score results back fdom the test it will say on there if you have a reading level of high school or above and when i said the online guide, i was meaning the online practice test from eri website, sorry. its like $20, and you can use it for 30 days. the only thing is it doesnt tell you what answers you missed or the right way to work the problems out

okay thats where Im taking mine in a couple of weeks. I have a little problem with scertain I know what I really need to focus on. I might need to get the online practice test, i think that would help out a little far as the time limits and everything. I really appreciate the info!!! Good lock and keep us posted!

are you currently attending dallas nursing institute now? If so, how to you like it?

I ended up taking my NET at Midwestern State University

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