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Nervous about test results


I just took the state test today and I'm hoping I passed but I don't know. My skills were easy but it's like my mind went blank. Luckily I did the steps in bold and some of my sills didn't have bold steps. Some of the steps I forgot to do and didn't realize it until after the test and went through the book and by then it's too late to tell the evaluator what you did wrong and correct them. I had a good feeling about the test before and after so I hoped that means I passed. Usually when I have good feelings about a test I pass it, but I don't know if that's the case here. I know you have to have 80% on each skill so I don't know how many points they take off for each step you miss. But I'm praying I passed, $107 is a lot of money to be failing, then I have to pay to retake it.

If this is any comfort, I knew nurses who got all "A's" in their classes worry and fret about what they forgot to do during the boards. There was not one person I knew who wasn't convinced they had failed...I don't know how true this is for other professions, but in nursing it seems common. If you did well in school, chances are you've passed the boards. There were only 2 people I knew out of 150 of us taking the boards that failed...and they were the 2 who declared they had breezed through it!! Remember also...not passing the boards the first time doesn't mean you don't "know your stuff"...it means you may not have tested well due to other factors...anxiety, etc. I wish you well in your wait for the results.


Has 20 years experience.

the statistics are on your side...

it's incredibly likely you passed and will be practicing as a nurse VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY soon.

let us know!

I don't think lashon is referring to the nclex. Nursing assistant certification exam maybe? Wishing you the best either way!

I'm so sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the nursing assistane certification test.


I am looking to get into nursing can anybody let me know what is involved I know that I have to become a cna first...How long to you have to go to school for that and is it hard is the test hard..I dont want to sound like a complete idiot I just want to know before hand what i am getting myself into...thanks so any help..

You do not have to be a CNA first. Many people take that route in order to work at a facility and learn the culture, earn $ and go to school (our hosp. helps with tuition). To be a nurse you need 2-4 years of college, depending on type of degree you want. I suggest you contact nursing schools in your area for info. Check to see if they have websites. One of the first steps in being a good nurse is getting your facts together. It can be a great career. Good luck, regardless of which path you choose.

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