nervous about the TEAS test...


hey all,

i've just been selected to take the 1 available spot in a LVN-to-RN bridge program! i need to pass the TEAS test however, and i'm a little nervous about it...

i graduated from my LVN school in 2008 and got my license last year. it's been a while since being in a classroom environment. also, i only recently got my first official nursing job. at times i feel as though i've lost my knowledge and skills. if i don't pass the TEAS, i lose my spot! i won the lottery for this 1 spot and i don't want to blow it :crying2:

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


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There are free tests at You can start there and see where you may be having trouble. There are lots of books to help. I used the McGraw Hill book and found it helpful. I did spend a lot of time learning things I didn't need to, though. I would concentrate on English, Math, and Reading Comprehension.


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You'll do fine! just make sure to pick up the practice assessment test for the TEAS...

(Trust me) Oh yeah! make sure you also find out which version the TEAS will be administered in.


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I took the TEAS test after not being in school since 1986. I was also weak in Math. I actually did very well on the test. I remember some general science questions, reading comprehension, grammar, simple math, algebra and some higher math. You can review the type of questions free on the test preview website, but I think the test is curved based on national results.


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It would be worth your time to but the ATI TEAS test prep book that comes with two practice tests. Like others have said, focus on the Math, Reading and English. Unfortunately, if you are weak in Science, even the TEAS prep book, won't help much. I'm sure you will do fine!


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Don't be nervous...I graduated from college in 1997, and got an 86 on my practice test without studying. Make sure to get the ATI teas study guide. I studied for only a day and a half, and my actual test jumped up to a 91! I know a lot of people would recommend some free websites or the McGraw books, but the ATI one is more to the point. It'll give you more insight to what will be on the exam.

Make sure to verify which test version your test site is using, then order the practice test from their website if you have time. If not, there is a practice exam you can take online with them.

Don't worry if your rusty about science. The science portion is the smallest section on the exam! (at least for version IV). I would review the math section because who remembers basic stuff like hypotunese and calculating circumference, and reducing fractions? The reading section is good too because reading and comprehension is the largest portion of the exam. As I said, the science is the smallest section, but make sure you study the earth science exam had a question almost identical to the study guide. Study the basics such as converting farenheit to celcius. You know what, I did't even study A&P stuff, because I ran out of time. But it's such a small section, you could guess (you mentioned your an LVN) and you'd be fine.

Bottom line...don't worry, but do get the ATI study guide and it'll ensure you pass!:)


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Get on Ebay and order some study material and guides

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I took the test for my bsn program after i had already been admitted. we had no score we had to get it was merely a requirment and so i didn't study was pretty basic stuff. See if your library has a teas study book to look at . Good luck you I hope you do great!

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Hi everybody!

I'm getting ready to take the Teas in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if any of you who have taken the test before had a preference for the computer version or the paper version. I'm particularly thinking about the reading comprehension section and thinking that on the computer version, the screen wouldn't fit the written selection and the questions. I'm more used to taking reading comprehension tests on paper, but all of my other Nova tests have been on a computer. Thanks in advance!


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somebody help me with the reading test on teas test,i just miss one percent ,and am preparing for my last exam...oh..i don't know what to think right now pls...and english is my second language...any advice...pls