Nervous about being speaker for pinning- Help !

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our pinning ceremony is in three weeks and my classmates nomintated me to be the speaker. actually, they told me i was going to be speaker. i don't mind being the speaker but i have to admit that i'm so nervous and self conscious about my voice. my voice is very soft and squeaky and i'm afraid that i won't be loud enough. i'm also afraid of my voice trembling or cracking. i've never spoke infront of a large group before.

so far i plan on starting out with something funny, like " you know you're a nursing student when..." or " what we've learned as a student nurses" i also plan on thanking our family,friends, and staff members as a whole.

if you all have any pointers or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance !!!


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A good tip I learned a long time ago was to look at the back wall, to the left and right. It will make it seem like you are looking at the audience, but not actually looking at someone directly since that may make you more nervous.

I, too, have a soft voice and it's something you will need to work on to project your voice. I don't know any tips but I always have to remind myself to talk loudly when I need to give presentations/speeches.

Good luck on your speech and congratulations!

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I wouldn't worry about a soft voice -- won't they have a microphone?

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