Nervous nervous nervous


I am so anxious about school starting pretty soon. I feel like I forget everything I learned last year! What have you all done to help yourself feel more confident and help calm down??


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i am in the SAME POSITION as you! i start tomorrow and am SO nervous! i just graduated college this may and already feel as though ive forgotten EVERYTHING ive ever learned in my entire life! im just trying to organize, organize, organize. i figure that that's the best strategy to stay as stress-free as possible!


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Starting school tomorrow and I am feeling the nerves this night too. CPR class really brought it home just how serious this is. I am just going to go and keep my mind open. Nothing I can do but that, can't even sleep at the moment.


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I started NS last week and I can relate to how you are feeling.

Although I can't offer much advice because I am also new at this, I will offer this...

Know your stuff and have confidence in yourself, belive that you CAN do this.

Today we had our first test on taking vital signs and even though, on the inside, I was totally freaking out :eek: :uhoh3: about doing something wrong, I walked into the room full of confidence that I knew what I was doing because I had spent the entire past week, and long weekend, going over and over it in my head...and I passed!!! :yeah: I walked out of class beaming over my first, albeit very small, victory. It's all about attitude, but YOU need to make it happen.

Good luck!

Don't worry too much. They'll break you in easy on the clinical stuff. No one wants a first semester student being responsible for a critical pt. Just report anything out of the normal to your clinical instructor. If it is WAY out of the normal, go straight to the pt's RN then your instructor. Of course, on the lecture it might be a little more overwhelming. "Fundamentals Success" and "Fundamentals Made Incredibly Easy" were some good supplement books. Actually the whole Incredibly Easy series has been a lifesaver. I never had to crack my Med/Surg book the whole 2nd semester with that series plus I like the pictures *lol* Just remember that you are in the program for a reason. And I promise you it is not because the material is too tough.