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I do not know what to do at this point! I have taken the NCLEX RN once already and I am scheduled to take it again in 3 weeks. I am doing Kapaln online, I have Hurst content videos but my Kaplan Qt scores are low. :( But on the readiness test I scored a 61?. I do not know what to do or how to procede from here! I do not want to go through this again so maybe if I stop now, I want have to worry but if I don't keep going, I will regret it the rest of my life?

First, take a deep breath, in through your nose out through your mouth! You are not the only one that has had to retake it; one of my classmates went through all 265 failed and retook it having to take a hundred some the second time as well. I realize this may not be to comforting but, just remember you are not alone.

For me it was all about answering practice questions. I bought some NCLEX-RN flashcards and a NCLEX made incredibly easy book that had practice questions in it. I too took Kaplan and made sure I took advantage of all the questions. I didn't really listen to the lecture portions on the sight because I am an active learner but, did listen to some of the drug lectures since the drugs overwhelmed me. I only studied something if I really didn't know what it was.


Thank you so much for the enouragement!! I took a couple of deep breathes lol.. But how you studied really sounds great. I was lstening to content vidoes and book at the same time and then when I decide to do questions, I am drained. I have Kaplan practice and strategies book and completed all the practice quizes. I have an over average of 68%. I will take your advice and only study what I need help in and do practice questions! Thank you again fo responding to my rampage!!

Any time!!

This is just what worked for me :)


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