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Needing help..!!!


Hey Nurses I need some serious advice. I have previously taken the NCLEX more than 3 times and feeling oh so discouraged! I was wondering if you all could give me some serious advice on whether its best to focus on content and then answering questions or read and answer questions at the same time. When doing questions I find myself feeling intimidated, and not really knowing the strategy of answering questions (especially when I have no clue what the answer is) I think a lot of it has to do with strategy but it has been a yr since I ended Nurses school and I think its important to review content (right now I am reading Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN edition 4. I just don't know if I am doing myself an injustice but just reading right now and not doing a significant amount of questions each day (I do the end chapter questions about 20 max ) I have been reading about 3 chapters a day(and doing well on the end chapter questions) and so far understanding the material. But I guess I am wondering when I should include my questions? (I would like to do 150 a day in 50mini increments) I get so discouraged when I don't do well on my Kaplan questions and wonder if I should wait until Ive reviewed and comfortable with content. .. PLEASE HELP!

Okay, please take a deep breathe, right now. Now, wipe the slate clean. It's time to develop new strategies for studying/test-taking.

First off, what did your CPR say your weak areas were in? Focus on the content of your weak areas. If you feel strong in something let it go. Once you recognize your weak areas either buy an NCLEX book that is just geared in on that or use the tools you already have and focus on the sections of your weak area.

When it comes to test-taking strategies there are many different sources out there that say many different things. But a lot of things remain the same such as remembering your ABCs, Maslow's, acute vs chronic, etc. With a lot of NCLEX questions you can knock off two right off the bat because they are simply not answering the question. Read the question once, and then read it again. Figure out what the question is asking you. Then look at the answers and work through each one at time...then go back to the stem of the question and determine if it is answering the question. If not, eliminate it and move on.

Remember, NCLEX is all about being a safe nurse. So try to pick the answer that would be safest for your patient without giving away your job as a nurse to anyone else or the physician! If there is something that you can do first as the nurse (that promotes safety) then choose that answer over calling the physician.

Those are just a few strategies/tips that you can use to answer NCLEX style questions. There are many threads here on AN that you can use to gather more tips/strategies such as:


Have you considered taking an NCLEX review course? At this point it might be worth the money to have a more structured way to study.

What types of questions do you feel you struggle with? Lacharity is a great book for PDA type questions!

Anyway, back to your original question. I think that content and questions are equally important. Make sure you know your content(focus on those weak areas). But, also answering as many questions as you can before your test date will help you become more comfortable with NCLEX style Qs. Maybe you can break your day up. Say 50 Qs in the AM, then study a little content, do some more questions later...etc...you get the picture. Remember to take breaks, too.

Oh, and please don't let your Kaplan scores discourage you. Scores do not mean very much as long as you understand the rationales behind your incorrect, and correct, answers. Reading rationales will help you learn your content as well which is a bonus.

Best of Luck to you. Stay positive and stay determined.

Sorry, I tend to ramble.

NO no this was NOT rambling! I really appreciate you comenting back! and I took the Kaplan review last MAy when I first got out of Nursing School. and around Dec. when I retook my exam I watch many of the Hurst Review vids. but I am going to take your advice try to focus on my weak points completing questions and content. Thank you very very much for responding!!! and the encouragement :) God bless