Needing help on how to convert california att to vermont



I need help about my nclex att, I applied for the california boards, i was thinking if theres a way to take the vermont nclex and convert my california att to vermont?

Can anyone please enlighten me with the process. Thank you very much and Merry xmas happy new year!:heartbeat:redbeathe:yeah:

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There is no way to convert Ca to Vermont. You have to apply to Vermont and meet their requirements for foreign trained nurse. If you have Ca ATT already then sit exam and once passed apply to Vermont and meet their requirements and request Ca forward your NCLEX results

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The ATTs are not transferable between states. Suggest that you sit for the exam for CA, and then submit for licensure to Vermont. Otherwise, you will be waiting for the several months to get approval from VT and then have to pay for the exam all over again.

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