% needed to pass the NCLEX


Hi everyone

I am taking my test next week. And suddenly, I have this stupid question that i would like to get answered.

Has it ever been mentioned how many % correct answers u need to get to pass the NCLEX?

Sorry, I know its a stupid question...would appreciate any comments. thank you


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You will get a 50% on the NCLEX.

The question is, at what level will you get the 50% at? Will it be at a passing level or failing level? This is how the NCLEX determines if you pass or fail.

Start to answer questions wrong, and the NCLEX gets easier until you are achieving the 50%. Start to get too many answers right, and the NCLEX starte making questions harder-again, until you get about 50% right/wrong.

When the NCLEX believes that you are maintaining the 50% right/wrong level, it shuts off.

What really matters is where you are at when you are at that 50% mark-the passing standard, or failing standard.

Good luck next week!

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