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I am looking for some advice after a trip to the OB Ed this past weekend. I'm currently 24.5 weeks pregnant, with my 4th pregnany. For the past month I have been feeling a lot of "pressure" in my groin area. At my last OB appointment (last month) I told my OB about the pressure and hip pain I have been having. He suggested PT for this. I work a baylor shift every weekend and for the past few weeks I have been having increased pressure which prompted me to go into the ED and have myself evaluated. I was placed on the fetal monitor, the baby is fine and I was having no contractions. I was sent down to have an ultrasound. I read the report which stated: "Cervical os open with funneling" . I asked the nurse when I returned to the floor and she just pretty much said I had nothing to worry about. I would just follow up with my OB at my next appointment and have a repeat ultrasound. While the monitor said I was having no contractions, I know what I feel. Even attempting to walk through the mall and do Christmas shopping was a chore for me because of the pressure I'm feeling. I was told to take Tylenol and apply heat but I can't say that that has made any difference to me at this point. Even sitting for too long is begining to make me uncomfortable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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i'm sorry we can't give medical advice. i would go see your OB, he will be able to help you.


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I'm not looking for medical advice per say as I know it's my OB who determines what course to take, but I have not had to travel this road before. I was just wondering if anyone could explain what it means. I'm just a little nervous and don't have anyone around me who specializes in OB to answer any questions I might have.

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If you have any medical questions do not hesistate to call your Dr. Even after hours, even on Christmas Eve----Ob/Gyn docs knew they would be getting call when they signed up for med school. You wouldnt be the 1st person to call him for a question.

Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!!


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As stated before me, no medical advice can be given on this site, per our Terms Of Service. Please, direct any and all questions about your pregnancy to your health care provider. I wish you all the best![ Happy Holidays to you.

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