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Need to vent tired of school


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I'm sick and tired of going to class and the teacher reads straight from the powerpoints or tells stories that don't relate and gets off track. In the end I'm stuck trying to teaching myself. Does anyone else feel this way? For example ecg lecture was horrible and I have a test this week but unfortunately there are so many rhythms I can't remember what abnormality/interval goes with all the different one's. On clinical I feel like I don't know a thing. From the beginning they assign you a patient and just throw you out there if you have a great nurse that week you learn some new things but if you have a nasty nurse you have a rough week. All the teachers are on different pages so learning a new skill is difficult because each of them like it done a different way. I feel a little better now thanks if you read this rant thanks :) now i'm off to study more ecg's wish me luck...

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Some professors are excellent teachers, others not so much. This semester, I've got an even mix of good and bad. My good one (for two classes) is above & beyond Excellent (capital E on purpose lol) and my bad one (for three classes) reads power points, says words incorrectly & misspells things (and has stated that they have 4 degrees, geesh, talk about a high opinion of yourself). This person also doesn't answer student questions thoroughly. It's very frustrating, I agree. You just have to do the best you can in spite of lack-luster teaching :)


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I feel like I should be paying my tuition to google sometimes. Not all professors have degrees in Nursing Education and what a difference that makes at least at my school. Some don't know how to teach, they may be an expert in their field, but if they can not teach what they know, they should go back to the floors. We have high expectations for our profession that should refect in our educators as well.

I feel the same way, I feel like I spend most of my time outsideof class looking for other resources to learn different subjects that we are being taught, or rereading my text multiple times. I've been told that youtube has some great videos and to look into that. I worry all the time that when I am all done with nursing school I will not pass my boards because I am not prepared...

Ugh, I totally understand how you feel, this method of teaching is called "regurgitation". Yes, it actually has a name. Professors read from power points and expect you to just regurgitate the material, not retain it for future use. I had a professor last semester who has been a Dr for a million years and is clearly just teaching because he wants something else to do/ thinks hes good at teaching that subject. All he did was read from powerpoints and that was it. Oh, and he would say "your first day as an RN you will run into this stuff, so you have to know it!". Hmm well then you have to TEACH it! We would have to go home and read 100 - 150 page chapters and expect to remember everything! I had all A's that semester EXCEPT for that ridiculous class. Just try your best and do what you can to pass if it is that bad, in 20 years no one is going to care about what you got as a final grade in this class anyway, and there IS such a thing as a bad teacher so dont be hard on yourself if you dont do as well as you wanted because I personally can NOT learn from a "regurgitation" method of teaching.