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in need for support while studying for nclex.

Hi I am presently studying for my nclex. I can't explain to you exactly how difficult it is for me because I failed once. If anyone can spare some encouraging words during this stressful time; please do.



It's easy for people to say "don't stress", but look at it this way...perhaps your biggest obstacle the first time was the fear of the unknown! If you are anything like me, I'd been fearing the NCLEX since I started nursing school. Now that you've "been there" and "done it" once, you have an idea of what your facing when you sit in front of that computer terminal this time. Relax. Good luck - let us know the outcome. wink.gif

Hi There,

You are so brave to get out there and try again! I am sure you have really worked on areas which were difficult for you, and probably know more about those areas than you ever wanted to!!! Try to really prepare for being confident and relaxed in the test center. Is it the same test center? If you can, I might suggest you try a different one, for a different "feel". Have you looked at anneliese's site www.caring4you? She has a section about dealing with nclex failure. Congratulations for your effort. Let us know how it turns out!!!

I'm sorry that you didn't pass the first time. I just took the test on July 11. I still haven't found out the results. If I don't pass I'm going to buy a different study guide and try again. My friend just called and told me that she spoke to a woman last night who has been a nurse for 30 years. My friend explained to her how stressed out I was. She replied, "I failed the exam twice." So try and remember that you're not alone. You weren't the first to fail and definately not the last.



I am also studying hard for the NCLEX exam. It is difficult to know what to study, everything I suppose. What areas are you working on the most? When are you taking the exam? I do not have my ATT yet, but are waiting patiently for it. This exam stuff is very stressful, I just try to relax. Emma

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