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Need suggestions for post MSN PMHNP, online

Well, I have tossed and turned and debated and made lists...and in the end I really still want to pursue my PMHNP vs my fnp.

I am looking for a POST MSN certificate, and it needs to be online.

I am very familiar with EKU and USI, and would really love either program but I want to consider ALL the options out there.

I have also considered a DNP option and will seriously consider that if I can't find a post grad certificate first. I truly value a DNP education however I am in my 40's and am past the point where I want to keep going to school. I have a good hunk of school loans and need to get into practice so I can get those paid off, save for my kid's college funding and start saving some serious funds into a retirement.

I appreciate any suggestions.

kubivern specializes in CNS, PMHNP, EMS, ER, Instructor.

Have you tried nursingcas.org? I don't have anything to do with the website - I used it for my Post Master's Certificate and DNP as it does list a lot of programs. I believe it does not cost anything to search.

MrChicagoRN specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. Care.

Depending what state you live in: University of St. Francis, Joliet IL. or University of North/South Dakota (can't recall which one it is)


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