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Need Some Job Advice...

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Dear Nurse Beth,

For the last few years starting at a job I was at for 6 yrs, I have been having different issues, mostly with defending myself or the people around me, before the issues started I had been well liked at almost every job I had, or at least respected for working hard and good patient care, so I left the job I was at thinking maybe I just needed a change but the 2 jobs I took after that did not work out either, I'm 47 yo and frankly I put my heart and soul into this job and feel like such a failure after all this How do I get another job ?? I'm a single mom and haven't ever had a problem getting a job so I'm scared to death.

Dear Feeling Like a Failure,

I'm sorry you're going through this. This sounds like a semi-desperate situation for a single mom like yourself.

You have had three jobs that didn't work out and are now unemployed?

Your first priority is landing a job. You must put all your efforts into job-searching:

  • Activate your network. Let everyone know you are looking for a job
  • Apply, apply, apply.
  • Make sure your resume is mistake-free and highlights your skills
  • Hone your interview skills

Once you land a job and if/when you run into "issues", you may need to acquire different coping mechanisms and skills. You are hard-working, well-liked, respected, and you put your heart and soul into your work. At the same time you are having problems with the people around you. The only person you can change is yourself.

You can do this by self-reflection; seeking the counsel of a trusted, insightful person;

obtaining counseling. Some employers offer employee assistance counseling (EAP) as a benefit.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!


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Dear feeling like a failure: it happened to me and I found out a co nurse has been spreading false gossip about me. I was blessed to witness her Karma but it weakened me to the point that I failed in some of my endeavors.

All you got to do is apply confidently, smile and continue reading nursing books and skills pertaining to your specialty. Once employed, make sure you do all that is described in your job description and volunteer for those which are not.

Most importantly, try to be humble and pray each night. You will soon be counting your blessings!

Dear Feeling like a Failure.

This is must be awful for you. There may be a number of things at play here. At 46 you may be having some physiological issues that can impact all areas of your life. Menopause messes up our emotions as well as our sleep patterns, physical comfort. A good physical and some counseling can usually help. I found myself trying to mother, protect, solve problems for everyone around me.

Relative to the job issue: Go to every interview with a positive attitude about yourself and your abilities. You may feel insecure and doubt yourself just now, but don't let the interviewers see that. Using a mirror practice holding your head up, smiling at yourself, and saying: "I am a good person and a good, capable nurse." Imagine yourself doing well during the interview and coming out feeling good about your performance

It may seem hokey but it can work. as they say: "Fake it til you make it."Best of luck to you."

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Try agency nursing until you find a job, kind of a "try before you buy" thing. You get to see the actual culture at the hospital/facility, and see if you really want to work there. And you will at least have some income. I did some agency a few years ago, I could have worked 24/7 if I had wanted to, the demand was so high. I don't know if it still is, and may vary by location, but it's worth considering. Good Luck!