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Help! I'm a new nurse and within the past weeks, I have started I have started having these excruciating pains on the medial arc of my left foot. I have a high arch. With so many brands of shoes, I don't even know where to begin. My coworkers swear by danskos, but the pair I tried on seemed to be tight and uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

I don't know about plantar fasciitis, but I just bought a pair of Danskos for nursing school, hopefully to avoid problems. They fit them BIG, a whole pinkie finger should fit at the heel of the shoe. When you walk, they feel like a backless clog. Read up on them! Also, you must get your muscles used to them and break them in at home first. Go to a reputable store for a fitting.

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danskos are supposed to be good for plantar faciitis, I lost my danskos a couple months ago and my feet are KILLING me....have a new pair being delivered tomorrow. Give them a whirl.....expensive but worth it

I haaaaaate Danskos with a passion. Like all shoes, they aren't for everyone - they felt like walking on wooden blocks and they rubbed despite trying several sizes.

I have high arches and pain, and my mother has PF. We both swear by Birkenstocks (or birkis). Her doctor told her they were great for PF, and she's had excellent results with them. They are super supportive, and the cork footbed has a lot of shock absorption.

If you prefer a sneaker type shoe, New Balance are also highly recommended for PF. I don't like a closed in shoe, so I stick with my Birkis clogs.

Hi, Leonurse. I am a new nursing student, but for the past 2 years I was a Medical Assistant for several Podiatrists. We treated many cases of PF of course (including some in nurses, of course...) You might want to visit a reputable foot doctor! You may benefit from custom orthotics. They are not cheap, but maybe your insurance will cover all or most of the cost. Expect the cost to be about $300. The docs will also want you to do stretching exercises. You mentioned a high arch? Often, with high-arches your foot doesn't relax easily while standing and walking, which puts additional stress on your por ol' feet!

I found I can manage my own foot pain with stretches, for the most part, as long as I wear good quality shoes. Good luck: It's hard to be happy with aching feet!

I have PF. Danskos are my go to shoe.

What I did was buy special insoles that saved my feet. They work amazing to correct and support my hole foot, and best of all, I can wear it with any shoes!! I was first introduced by my Chiro Dr Gregg Rubenstein. He did the electronic exam and sent it to the company a picture of my feet. I got the maximum comfort (Elite XC) by the company Foot Levelers. Yes I did payed around 300$ BUT there's a two year warranty if the insole wears out.

If you really think about it, 300$ or less (I really think it was 230-270), you get everyday of no pain. At least for me. Calculating for the next two years. Thats 41 cents or less a day for no pain!!! Meaning less Starbucks.:D

Here's the link:

Foot Levelers, Inc.


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I can say I have tried a ton of different shoes. My heels used to kill and legs tired and I have high arches. I used insoles in several ect.

I can say ONLY 1 shoe I have bought does not hurt my feet on a 12 hour ICU shift. They are Allegria shoes. The come in a clog or mary jane and the soles mold to your feet. They rock and you should try them. They run about $100 a pair regular price and on sale about $60. Give them a try I would bet you will like them.

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Alegria Shoes and $59 Closeout Alegria Shoes from the Original Alegria Shoes Shop

Here is a great site if you cannot find them near you. They run European sizes. Like an 8.5 = 39, ect.

I have PF and the only shoe I can wear are Keen.

Keen PTC

Hey, those look pretty good! And they come in Men's. And there's a lace-up as well. My Boss (who was a podiatrist) wore Keens and thought they were good shoes.

I am checking these out. I've tried on the Danskos and can't tell how they would feel after 12 hours. Lots of other good suggestions here, too.

I love my Dansko's for my back, but my heel spurs hurt worse with them - even with an insert. Is there some trick I'm missing? :)

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