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I'm not a nurse (nobody's perfect). In our family that role is filled by my: wife, daughter, son-in-law, aunt, and cousin. While it is ture the wife unit and I met when I was a patient and she was a student nurse and that she's now a psych. nurse, I promise it was on an opthalmology ward (yes, that was many years ago--as in 1970). And just to finish the story, I was a wounded VN vet and she was engaged.

The number one wife unit is now being considered for a position at South Florida State Hospital. We're aware it's a 350 bed psych facility that was recently privatized, given a serious overhaul, and that it's in Pembroke Pines--but little else.

If you don't have any first hand knowledge, gossip will do. It's been my experience that the nurse's network has about a 99% validity rate.

Also, since this would require relocation, any 411 on that neck of the woods would be appreciated. And a tip of the hat to all the Florida folks who take the time to share info with all us out-of-state posters.



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Hi Propatient -

I don't know anything about S FL Hospital since it was overhauled. Back in the 70's it was a very scary place! I did some temp office work there then.

As far as PB Pines/Ft Laud - I don't know where you'd be moving from, but if you're not used to INTENSE heat and HORRIBLE traffic then really think hard about it.

Pembroke Pines is west of Ft Lauderdale and used to be a quiet "farmlike" area to live in. In the past 20+ years it has been built up into an area of housing developments, loads of shopping centers, incredibly bad traffic and nowhere to hide!! (as has the rest of S. FL)

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Look for a PM.


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I'm an Er nurse here in Miami. I don't know where you are but, S. Fl is very busy and very congested. I personally do not like it. But on the other hand P Pines and northern broward is alot better that Miami and Ft. Laud. There are more "uppper class" neighborhoods and houses and more of a "country" feel up that way. Davie is nice, they have horse ranches etc.

But from a nurses stand point, all the freaks end up here! I'm a pysch intake and out of 550beds 3 floors are devoted to pysch. We have ALOT of them here! email me if you would like more info.:)

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