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I really need some prayers guys. If you remember me, please say a quick plea. I've had this feeling for a couple of weeks now like something is stuck in my throat, and the other day I felt a lump on my neck in the same area. I'm kind of worried, but I don't know if I'm just experiencing "the student nurse syndrome" (you know, where we think we have every disease we read about). I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday, and I'm trying to think about other things until then, but I am pretty concerned.

Prayers coming your way.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep a positive attitude and know that God will work things out for you. Perhaps this is something you need to put in your box of things for Him to handle. And remember, he won't give you more than you CAN handle.

God Bless You!!

I hope and pray everything works out for the best you are in my prayers.

You got it! Let us know how it turns out?

God Bless


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You have been in my prayers. Please let us know how your doctor's appointment went today.


I thank you all for your prayers. I had my doctor appointment yesterrday afternoon, but of course I don't really know much yet. They're sending me for a CT scan and a barium swallow. We'll see how it goes. Thank you all so much for remembering me, and I will let you know how those tests go.

Be blessed!

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