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Hello everybody!!!! May I ask if you had notice any negative behaviours in your setting as far as perioperative nurses are concern? How did you made them into positive behaviours? I am sort of gathering opinions coz' I need this for my paper. Thanks...



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My opinion is that people act the same in the OR as they do in any other job setting. There are people that are easy to get along with and people that are NOT so easy to get along with. There are also good days and bad days. People are may take different approaches to correct whatever negative behaviors that you come across.

Vague, but, my opinion.



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I agree with K C Chick. All people are different. That is what makes the world so interesting. Therefore, with that said, and thinking that I recall Perioperative Nurses fit into the people category :rolleyes: well at least some of them do. Some have bad behaviors and some have good behaviors. I can't think of any bad behaviors that are universal to Perioperative Nurses.


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I agree as well but to add... the environment has some impact on behavior I think. On the floor, if you need to get away and decompress or just go to the bathroom it isn't such an ordeal. In the OR you are in a room with 3 or many more persons moving at the speed of light. You have to get another nurse to let you out to use the restroom and if you have a negative experience (to use the term lightly) and break down crying, you just have to do it in the room in front of everyone. Working in the OR is extremely high paced, requires quick decision making, a solid knowledge base from which to make those decisions, it is technically challanging and all this in tight quarters. The surgeons and anesthesia are right there together so the possibility of differences in opinion are immediate. The departments within the OR are extremely dependent on one another and when there is a support failure it usually presents an acute problem. This is not to take ANYTHING away from any other high-stress area of nursing. When it is happening to you, it's important. I just thought this might get you to thinking about things. And... it is very difficult to impossible to give someone "perspective". In turning negative behavior into positive, my experience has been to speak directly to the person with whom you are having a problem and ask what you can do to help them. This has worked for me and it has failed as well. Some nurses are just uphappy people and nothing will change that. Communication, support, encouragement, acknowledgement of successes and ideas and food:) Hope this helps.

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