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I am needing a nurse to interview for an English paper concerning Ebola is there anyone that can help me out? I will need your name and the hospital you currently are employed with just for my works cited page.

Questions for Nurses concerning Ebola

1. What protocol concerning Ebola, specifically, has been discussed or implemented since the recent Ebola scare at the hospital you work for?

2. What protocols have changed due to the Ebola virus?

3. Has the hospital provided special training and time for preparing for the Ebola virus?

4. Do you feel that the President's actions concerning Ebola are justified? Why or why not?

5. In your professional opinion, does the nation need to be worried about an Ebola outbreak within U.S. borders? Why or why not?

6. What would you suggest to the average person that they might do to avoid become infected or exposed to the Ebola virus?

RN403, BSN, RN

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I doubt many people on this site would be willing to give out their real name and place of employment. You might try visiting your local hospital where you can speak with individuals in which you are sure are actual nursing professionals. It could be a great learning experience for you and if you are a pre-nursing student it could be an opportunity to make connections. Your professor assigned an interview assignment for a reason.

Ebola is a current topic of interest for many hospitals so I am sure that you will find someone who is more than willing to answer your questions and provide an educational opportunity.


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In addition to what RN403 wrote, you have no way of verifying if anyone here is actually a RN. Seeking out a person to interview and actually doing so is part of the assignment. It's more about that than about simply spitting out someone's answers.

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Your best bet is to call your local hospitals and ask to talk to the infectious disease nurse. A big part of their job is education, so they'd probably be willing to meet for a brief interview.


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Call a local hospital and ask to speak with a nurse in infection control. Every hospital will have an infection control dept. Sorry, but I would not feel comfortable doing this without my employers permission, and even them I would provide my name and credentials.