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I am looking for new jobs right now. However my house has been broke in and the thieves stole all my certifications of ACLS, CPR and NRP, and my RN license as well. Now I need NRP card for my new job, and I find out it is really hard to find an instructor in Houston area because I do not work for any hospital any more? how to get an NRP course instructor?


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From the NRP site:

I lost my NRP Provider card, how can I replace it?

To receive a replacement NRP Provider Course Completion Card, please contact the instructor of your course. He/she will be able to issue you a replacement card. If you are unable to locate the instructor, you can contact the Life Support staff for a letter of verification. Life Support staff can then determine if you were a participant in the course, however, the letter will not verify lessons completed. If you need verification of lessons completed, you must contact your lead instructor.

NRP now has the option of completing the evaluation (written testing) online. First you must locate an instructor willing to complete your skills validation. Check out the links at

Good luck!

PS...If you need replacement BLS & ACLS cards, you can check with the training center/site where you took the courses. Rosters are supposed to be kept for at least 3 years. They may charge you for replacements, but it would save the cost of re-taking the courses.


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Memorial Hermann and HCA hospitals all have classess offered periodically.

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