need more nclex advice


:specs: a registered nurse in the philippines who's about to take the nclex on april..i didn't enrol myself in a review center because the review is expensive.

im not sure if i can really make trying to self review..but i havent given it my full time since i still worried that its too late to review a lot of material in such a short period...

any tips that could help me out? :uhoh21: pls help..

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You do not need to go to a review center to review for the exam, set yourself time to practice questions and practice lots and make sure you understand the rationale on the ones you get wrong. The key is to practice and practice


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Nice to know your from the philippines.I'm also from there but anyway, you don't need a lot of books base on my experience just read one book Saunders that's it you'll learn the content and after that concentrate more on answering the practice questions because when you come face to face with the computer what counts most is how you read the questions and understand it, then it would be easier for you to beat the exam...I made it so can you....lots of luck


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hi. il be taking the exam too on april in manila..

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