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Need a Ladies/Woman's perspective, please.

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So im in an accelerated BSN nursing program and its going well for me. There is about 50 students in this program and all of them have previous bachelors degrees. I am only 1 of 5 guys in the whole program. My clinical group has 9 people all are woman except me.

With all that being said Im a bit of a jokester and for what ever reason my professors as well as my class mates seem to like me. My clinical group went otu for a lunch yesterday after our last clinicla rotation for this semester. There is this one paticulargitl that I frequently talk to but I talk to everyone. This girl is bisexual and has a ongoing relationship with another woman. Yesterday during our lunch I moved down and sat my our clinical instructor to ask her a few questions. This particular girl moved down and sat by us. I asked her what she was doing and she said she couldnt get enough of me, I assumed she was joking as we do joke. We then started joking and she said she hated me, I said that she didnt as most everyone liked me, she said I was right she not only liked me but loved me? again im assuming she is just joking around. Some how another a classmate and her ( I was sitting in between them) started talking about the male reproductive organ. She made some comment about me and my manhood and I couldnt undertsnad what she was saying and asked her what she said and she wouldnt repeat it? A little bit later she put her hand on my leg and it was for more than 30 seconds or so. When she would look at me she would stare into my eyes and I would finally just have to look away.

Look im a dumb guy and I dont know what just happen thats why im asking? Was she just joking around, is she just a touchy feely person (never has before) is she wanting more?

I guess my real question was this woman hitting on me? Should I avoid her? Or am I just blowing this all out of proportion? Just looking for some advice as I dont want to jeapordize anything.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry but it seems as though some of your post is unclear.

Is this an instructor or a student?

No matter, because this behavior doesn't seem appropriate.

A woman wouldn't lay her hands on any man's leg and stare into their eyes unless she was flirting and there seems to be some personal boundary issues too... unless, of course, you don't mind.

Advice: steer clear because I instantly think "drama".

Just my 2 cents.

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That behavior is not appropriate to a "friendly" relationship. It's more than friendly.


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Well, this hasn't anything to do with being in a nursing program.

Just ask yourself how you would handle any woman making advances towards you. What have you done in the past? Talk to a male friend or a female friend and get some advice on dating/relationships.

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