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Need a job quick!

by NurCe-45 NurCe-45 (New) New

I hate to post this on the nurse's feed, but the student feed has zero activity lately.

The background: I'm old, I taught school for 12 years, I have a business degree but my dream has always been nursing. I have taken all pre-reqs and will apply to begin school in the fall (bc I need the rest of my Hep-B rounds).

In the meantime, with no medical background or experience, I am trying to find a job in the medical field that doesn't require a year of school. I would be good with a 1-3 certification of some type, but it is all so confusing. Some hospitals require certifications from one organizations but some require certs from others, etc etc.

Any guidance on how I can navigate forward would be great! I'm looking at jobs like medical assistants or techs, or even phlebotomy would be good.

This is an example of something I'd love doing - thanks in advance!


Hoosier_RN, MSN

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A pct at incenter (clinic) dialysis requires no experience or certifications. And Fresenius, as well as the other dialysis companies will help with tuition costs

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Sour Lemon

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Hospital jobs are usually harder to get with no experience, at least from what I've heard. There are nursing homes that offer on the job training for nursing assistants, but that seems to vary a lot regionally.

A lot of hospitals are slow and not doing much hiring right now, too. It's not the easiest time to be looking in a lot of places.

HiddencatBSN, BSN

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Most hospitals I’ve worked at do their own training for nurse aids. They might be called health techs or patient care techs but I’d go to hospital websites and look at the postings there. There’s also hospital transport, patient sitter positions as well and once you’re in the system it’s often possible to eventually transfer in to a more patient care oriented role. Agree to also look at nursing homes- when I was looking prior to RN school they often did their own training as well. You can also look at the Red Cross for CNA programs which are about 8 weeks if I recall correctly. These jobs are not high paying but where I’ve worked we are always hiring for unlicensed patient care.