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i graduated in dec with my adn, i am currently working the evening shift on a tele unit, i like my job, love my coworkers, but the hours are a problem. my children are in school during my off time and home while i am at work (my husband's job keeps him away from home up to 5 days a week). i have wonderful family who live nearby and watch the kids while i am at work (they get to sleep in their own beds)! but with the new school year starting, i am already having some problems with homework, assignments and other things.

my plan was to spend at least a year in my current position (if not longer, i.e. "wait my turn for days"), however, the problems that my children are having, i decided that i can't wait. i will always be a mom first and a nurse second. when my children are grown i will be in my early 40's and have plenty of time to focus on my career. that being said, i have to have some sort of income, any ideas of what a relatively new graduate nurse could do during the day? just a little info, my hours can not be cut at work (i already managed to drop from 40 hours to 32), and night shift is not an option (no openings anyway).


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Check and see if you can transfer to a different dept in the facility. Maybe you will find something in the cath lab etc.. You may find a job opening that only has day shifts and no weekends.. If that is not an option, what about home health or a office job. Also if none of the above is an option what about just working weekends. Several of my co-workers only work F-S-S..

Well like you I"m also a NG... but still out in the market looking for hospital experience. I would do anything to get an RN position.

In your situation, I can suggest, school nurse, county jobs, state jobs (of course in the field of nursing) or get a per diem RN job... Hope you find something. Good luck!

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Thanks for the replys!

Good luck with the job search violet_violet!

i will always be a mom first and a nurse second.


you don't need our advice, you've got it just right.

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