Need to interview nursing manager/supervisor of a nursing home for a school project



I was wondering if there were any nursing managers/supervisors who would be willing to fill out some interview questions via email?

I am a nursing student at chamberlain college of nursing and we are needing to do a couple interviews for a school project.

We are looking to interview nursing managers/supervisors of nursing home facilities or a facility that employs LPNs.

Thank you!!!!

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There are a few downsides to asking for interviews from people on an anonymous message board: you can't really verify that the person you are interacting with is truly a nurse, let alone in management at a nursing home. Asking someone to type out detailed answers is also a burden on the one doing you the favor of providing an interview- a lot more nurses would be willing to do a face-to-face interview or phone overview because they just have to talk while you do the work of taking notes.

There are also a lot of resources out there where you can find someone who is a verifiable manager in a nursing home: call nursing homes in your area; look into assisted care facilities; skilled nursing facilities; retirement communities; the possibilities are numerous.

This post may give you some further insight into the hidden motives of assignments like this:

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you have been given good advice from Rose Queen

of course I meet your standards

but how do you really know.....face to face superior