Need interpretation/outlook of MCCCD's wait list


As of today, 964 are still awaiting placement and the program only takes about 500 per semester. It would appear the wait is almost a guaranteed two semesters, with the potential for a three semester wait come a year from now (when I'll be done with my prereqs). Am I reading that correctly?

If that's the case, I'm thinking I should reconsider Central Arizona College. I read that Pinal County applicants get first shot, which gives me an edge if true. It's possible -- don't know how possible -- but possible I could be in clinicals by Fall 2007. If not then, I'd have to wait until Fall 2008 **but** unlike MCCCD, I'd have quite a few courses I could take to fill my time. At MCCCD once I'm waitlisted, I only need 4 credits besides my nursing classes. At CAC, if I were waitlisted, I've got probably 20 credits I could take. It could reaaaaaally free up my courseload during clinicals.

I sort of need to decide now, because if I go with CAC I need to find a CNA course, plus I won't need the Chem course I enrolled in which started today. I could drop it and get the ball rolling on my A&Ps and Micro.

CAC requires more credits than MCCCD, plus a CNA cour$e. However they have that 100% pass rate which is pretty impressive. 'Course that was only for one year; years before they were neck in neck with MCCCD. OTOH, MCCCD seems to have more streamlined course requirements, requires less credits/courses.

Bottom line -- what is the outlook of MCCCD's wait list? Is it going to stay leveled off where it's at, meaning a max 2 semester wait for most? Or is their new nursing program (with the no CNA requirement) going to mean more people flocking there, potentially increasing the wait to 3 semesters?


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There are no guarantees...but it looks like a two semester wait is the norm, even with the watering-down of entry requirements. Also, new programs are opening all of the time.

I did my CNA at CAC. Had a wonderful part-time instructor. Was not overly impressed with the full-time faculty I met (kind of arrogant and full of themselves), the facilities were kind of crappy in the nursing department (tasty roaches crawling all over the microwave), and I would shoot myself if I had to do my clinicals at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.

I am really impressed with the faculty and facilities at Gateway so far...but it could be my Block I euphoria...


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I don't know how to interpret those numbers for you. However, I can tell you that the colleges are getting lots of pressure to increase their numbers in the classes. Our class at Phoenix College just jumped from 40 to 70. We (the traditional program) have been combined with the accelerated program for the next two blocks. That means that the four instructors have spread themselves across all 70 of us students. So much for the small class size of a community college, huh. Our instructors are excellent and are doing the very best job possible considering the situation. Every time you ask them about the nursing shortage, they comments things like, "we're doing the best we can" and "we are trying to solve the shortage single-handedly here at PC".

My recommendation is to choose a college you are willing to commute to. Find out which hospitals you will have clinicals at. If they are not to your liking, look around. If you end up waiting two or even three semesters, work on your BSN requirements in the meantime. Or, better yet, work as a CNA and get some experience. I know the CNA is no longer a requirement (a big mistake in my book) but it can't hurt to have the class under your belt.

Good luck in your decision making!

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If you take courses for your BSN while waiting to be placed - be careful that you aren't going to exceed 64 credits to be transfered from the community college to your BSN program. Most of the RN-BSN programs give you a flat credit of about 29 credits for your core ADN nursing courses. So add that ADN RN credit # with how many other community college credits you want to transfer - and make sure it's less than 64. Otherwise you are taking courses that you won't be able to transfer.

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