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I have been a registered nurse for about a year and a half. Unfortunately I haven't been able to practice as a nurse. I would like to know if there are classes that can be taken so I could practice/brush up on clinical skills such as I.V. therapy, dressing changes,etc. I live in New York State. A reply would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.

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Contact a local hospital. They generally have CEU classes such as IV therapy and others that you can take. (Even if you are not working there.)

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You might want to check with the Depts of Nursing at colleges in your area--some may offer refresher courses that help nurses return (or in your case, start) in a clinical area. I found an article from a local magazine that addresses this topic--Rutgers University School of Nursing offers a course such as this. I don't know if that would be feasible for you,which is why I suggested contacting colleges near you. Best of luck to you!

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I would also suggest contacting a hospital, prefereably the one you would like to work at. I would try to find a class that offers an generalized overview ie. most hospitals offer their nurses a "skills day" where they review needed knowledge.

Why not just apply for a job? You will get the classes this way too? You can expect to be hired as a new grad and you definately want to be.


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I was a tutor in the Community College I have near me for 2 years, if you have passed the classes they will pay you a tiny pay to be a peer tutor, it was just under minimum wage for me, but the experience and the learning I GOT from the students made the experience INVALUABLE.

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