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I am considering Chamberlain, Waldens and or Regis University for the RN-BSN online program. I wanted to know if there were exams, quizzes or community service that is a part of the curriculum? Do you have a paper to write every week and how many pages are required? Just have lots of questions. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I do not know but I imagine they have a counselor who can answer your questions. Try them.

The question is difficult and involved to answer unless you are asking about a particular class.

Chamberlain does have quizzes, exams and papers do all the time.

As for "community service" no, but you will have required clinicals that unless you live in St. Louis, you will need to find preceptors willing to take you on and facilities that will be willing to sign their very involved contract. The hours need to be compleated by the end of the semester.


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"I wanted to know if there were exams, quizzes "

I do not know of any nursing curriculum in the US that does not involve exams/quizzes/papers/clinical check-offs/evaluations. For the most part, that is how the school evaluates your learning and eventually awards (or doesn't) your degree.

If you do find an online program that does not expect any of the above, you should run as fast as you can away from it.