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  1. Of the RN's employed in hospitals, Do you have an ADN or a BSN?

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This is my first thread so I apologize if I posted in the wrong forum. Basic question.

When and what steps to do I need to take to figure out how to get my Bachelors Degree in Nursing? I'm starting the Associates Degree in August at Phoenix College (ADN Program) and I want to go on to get my Bachelors Degree. Do I need to already be enrolled in a bridge program? Are private colleges and a transfer to ASU my only options? These schools are so expensive!! Thanks for your help. I'm hoping to get a job when I've got my Associates Degree in Nursing, but want to continue on to get my Bachelors as magnet hospitals aren't hiring RN's with an Associates Degree.

Thanks for your input.

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I'm currently in the RN-BSN at Grand Canyon University, and it is $9,000 cheaper than the price ASU gave me. I had enrolled in the ASU bridge program in block 1 of nursing school, but GCU ended up costing so much less and I didn't need to take 2 additional pre-reqs that ASU wanted. So, I never enrolled for ASU and went ahead with GCU.

You'll find once you are in school that it is not just magnet hospitals who only want BSN, it's all hospitals. With Phoenix producing upwards of 800 new nurses each semester, hospitals can afford to only choose BSN prepared nurses. I had no problem getting a job a few months after graduating in December, in an outpatient clinic. However, I am now only getting through HR at the major hospitals because I have started my BSN. The first question you'll hear from any nurse recruiter is "Do you have your BSN?".

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Thanks fromthesea! That helps a lot. I was actually looking into Grand Canyon as some of my friends are going there. So, I'm guessing that I will figure out what I need to do and when by contacting someone at Grand Canyon Univ. I'm glad that you were able to find a job a few months of graduating! I'm assuming that you had taken your NCLEX exam right after graduation then? I'm volunteering at John C. Lincoln (just started) and am trying everything I can to apply to all the CNA jobs they post, but no luck so far. I don't have hospital experience so I think this is going to be a hard job to snag. Any suggestions or advice on getting employed in the hospitals? Thanks again for your input!

How long does the Grand Canyon RN-BSN program take? Can you do it all online?

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Amiklus, I have a friend going there for her BSN and she is going to be in class on campus, BUT I've read on their website and other blogs that you can also choose to do the RN to BSN program online only. Best bet would be to call them though and ask an advisor. Good luck!

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@sweetjess321, I still haven't been able to land a job in a hospital, so I really have no advice there. I have connections, am enrolled in my RN-BSN... still no one is biting. My classmates who were hired in hospitls were already working there as CNAs, so I think that's the best way in.

@amiklus, the length of the RN-BSN depends on how many credits/classes you have when you enroll there. For me, it will take a total of 12 5 week classes. ASU was requiring me to take 2 additional courses that GCU did not require. My program is entirely online.

I earned my BSN at Chamberlain thru their online RN-BSN program, 1 year program. Currently enrolled at GCU for my MSN/MBA. Did not receive my first job until I earned my BSN.

Hi Asystole RN,

I am looking into applying for the MSN/MBA program at GCU. How is it going for you so far? Any information about the program length, classes, and clinicals will be extremely helpful. Thank you!

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