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Hi everyone! I'm looking into the ADN RN nursing programs and I came across this one and have read mixed review about it.. If anyone has any more info on the Bryant and Stratton Nursing program or has attended the program can tell me more about it..such as the schedule.. overall quality of the program, and possibly the cost.. and such it will be greatly appreciated!! Thanksss so muchh.. =)

Here they only have a medical assistant program. What are you getting after you graduate? LPN?

umm..I'm referring to their ADN RN program in Wisconsin..? I said they only have medical assistant programs here (upstate NY), that's why I was confused. Hope someone has some info for you. :)

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Nursing School?

I thought they made lawnmower engines!

Hi, I am currently in the program at Bryant and Stratton. it is a 2 year program that goes thru the summer. The schedule, is either day or night classes. However, the clinical is 8 hours starting at one day a week your 2nd semester, then up to 3 days a week by your last semester. The schedule is pretty managable, I am still working 40 hours a week while in it. The cost of the program is about 7500 a semester, however, if you have transfer credits it will help the cost of your tuition. I had alot of transfer credits, so my tuition is a little over 3 grand right now. The quality of the program is very good, i think. The classes are small enough so you can get the attention you need to get you through!!! There is plenty of help if you need it!! I hope this helps!

I am in my third semester of nursing classes at BS. and can honestly say it is very difficult to work and attend school fulltime. I ended up quitting my job to improve my gpa. I am in my second clinical rotation and I am having some difficulties ...i had the misconception that I would be trained/treated like a student nurse but they really expect you to know your stuff and be almost completely 100% independent in your nursing cares. Just know that it is a good school it is very competitive you will not have alot of free time you will lose sleep 1st clinical rotations are easy second clinical rotations your basically doin total cares on your patient and expected to know it all! .

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how is the curriculum set up there? are there scores you must maintain? for example at NWTC we had to pass all tests with an 80% average to be successful. what is the nursing program? what if any are the expectations in the classroom and at clinicals? thanks so much! just trying to weigh out my options on the ADN programs in this county! thank you!!! =)

You must get at least a C or better in the class. You can fail a test and still pass the class. Homework is not graded usually. In your clinical classes you may have papers to write... but they are graded pass/fail. Therefore, if you do not pass the paper you will not pass the class. Along with clinical calculation (math) exam is not graded but must pass. But as long as you put time and effort into it should not be a problem. At the end of nursing core classes besides taking a written final you have to take the ATI online final and are expected to achieve a level two or higher. If you do not achieve a level two you will need to meet with a find out why you did bad and remediation.. The ATI is a good predictor of how successful you will be when taking your nursing board exam. As long as you study for finals and the class the ATI is usually not a problem... Also, if one does fail a class they are given one more chance to retake class but if you fail two nursing core classes you are kicked out of their nursing program for good.

What are the hours for night and weekend classes at B&S?

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