Need help: Trying to figure out what my partner will do as a career before I start travel


I still have time to figure this out but it worries me because my husband is so stubborn. I graduate from nursing school December 2018 with my BSN and I plan on working for a year before we start traveling in our conversion van and our German Shepard, Niko. My husband is getting his associates degree in Criminal Justice and is applying to police departments however we know he has to quit by the time we start traveling.

I was wondering if anyone had ideas of jobs for him to do while I work? He really loves the aspect of law and detective work. I just don't know of any traveling jobs of the kind. If you have any input, please let me know.



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Security companies are always hiring. Seems like it would be a good fit.


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Yup, guard agencies. Lots of turnover so they won't be mad when you go to your next assignment. Minimal pay and it certainly isn't a resume enhancer.

What other kind of work can he do with an associates degree? Is he hoping for a boost up so he can work as a policeman? I cannot think of another job other than security.


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He can go to school get his BSN and you both travel together. I can't imagine my wife bringing home the bacon while I loaf around . Boys playing the roles of men