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hi, Wish everything is well.

I will be moving to Georgia next year in April. I been Lpn for few years now. Would really like some help on the pay rate for LPN's there.

It will be out side of ATlanta about 30mins. I dont mind driving, so can you all tell me where are some good places to work.

What schools down there are good for RN I know i cant do the home program now because GA dont let them sit for the boards there if they did Excelsior College program.

If one of you now diff about that Excelsior collge thing let me know okay.......

I have started cleping out of some of classes like basic biology, chemistry, and college algerb.

I have schedule to test out of Introduction psychology in Sept at the end.

So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me :confused:


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I just graduated from North Georgia College and State University; they have a great RN program, as well as a LPN to RN bridge program. I don't know what the pay scale is for LPN's but starts off at about $18-19/hour (base rate) for new RN's. Good luck!


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hi, good luck with your move.

if you are going to be on the north side of atlanta in cobb, cherokee, bartow or, paulding county, North GA College and State university has a bridge program that has just started this year at Kennestone and Cobb hospital.

the web is [email protected] there is a nursing link there for you. i'm a second year student in this program.

hope everything goes well for you.

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want2b, what is your source of info about RN's not being able to sit for boards if they do excelsior? They most certainly do, I work with a couple of people who did it, in fact at the hospital where I used to work they did their clinical exam there. Are we thinking about different things?


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LOVE your low C.A.R.B. diet! I'll use that one!


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It is totally based on which side of town that you are on. Please reply and I will take the time to let you know what I have worked so very hard to learn. School does not come easily.


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Hi, sorry to get back to you so late

I live right now in Lithonia...........

moving to Douglsh county soon

Lithonia is to over rated and crowed for me

need to breath

right now i work in longtermcare im t he wound care nurse there

i just started the EC school for my RN

working on A and P and nursing concepts one rightt now

i have the CPNE book too that book is 900 pages long

its good helping tool to study with

Are you going for your RN also in reg college


I live in Georgia and am doing the EC thing. The law here is that you can't take the test to become licensed (since 11/03 I think) but you can get licensed by endorsement. So sit for your boards-which you still do locally-and file your paperwork with another state, then do endorsement. I think Mississippi is cheapest that I have seen so far, pay $60 for license by exam, and $20 for them to verify licensure. Of course it's $200 no matter where you go to actually take NCLEX, and Georgia charges $60 I think to get your license this way.

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