NEED HELP from a student who got kicked out


This is on behalf of my girlfriend... so please help, we are both on our wits end

She is a student at a nursing univeristy in the 'lovely' state of missouri, and after 2 years she failed in 2 of her classes (she was doing a 4 year course). She appealed and unfortunately got rejected. Shes currently doing other non nursing related courses to gain other credits, and is now looking for another university to apply to.

However here is the problem, as she failed the 2 clases no university will take her on as a transfer, adn she doesnt want to redo another 4 year course.

Any ideas?, or has anyone gone through this process before? please help as my girlfriend is at her wits end.

Thank you to all


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I dont know how it would work in Missouri but she may check into junior colleges that provide nursing degrees or even talk with a local hospital official who may have answers for her. GOOD LUCK


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Did she have clinical experience? Maybe she should check out Excelsior online. She does have choices if she doesn't give up.



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I don't see how they could block her from transferring courses that she passed. Of course you can't expect to get credit from classes you didn't pass but the ones you passed, you should be able to transfer.

By the way you wrote your post "the lovely state of missouri", it seems that you are maybe trying to put some of the blame on the school for her failures. I hope she is taking responsibility for failing the courses and not blaming it on the school, professor etc. This is going to be an important part of her figuring out why she failed and getting a plan together to get back back into school, move on and pass classes.


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If she completed at least 50% of her nrsg program, then she should be able to enter Excelsior without having an LPN license (or one of the other medical background credentials that they still accept). Otherwise, she should go to the community colleges. In my area, there was at least one community college program that would take the local BSN non-finishers. But that was several yrs ago, when seats in nrsg schools were not so tight. If none of these options are workable, then she will have to look at other options, such as getting an LPN license and starting from scratch, or even, moving to another location. I hope it works out for her.

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