need help with the steps on how to get a licence to become LPN


good day to everyone reading this post..i dont know if im in the right place to post this topic of mine..i graduated as a practical nursing in the philippines and wasnt able to take the NCLEX there..i am now in nevada and dont know about the steps on how to take the exam so i could get a licence to become a licence practical nursing here in nevada...i hope someone here can help me and can tell me the steps on HOW to take the exam..thanks...


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Have you contact the Nevada Board of Nursing and asked them? They would be your best source of information.

There's a link at the bottom of each page here that will provide you with the contact info for all the US state boards of nursing.

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While you're waiting to have your transcripts evaluated you may want to grab some NCLEX-PN books and start studying as the process to have your transcripts evaluated will probably take some time. Good Luck


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thanks for the reply the moment i still dont know what to do first,should i do the credential evaluation first or what?? or apply for the NCLEX exam?? i still dont get it,which is which to start with..

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I would suggest getting CES done and then put your application in for license

Be prepared that your state might not accept your application as that LPNs aren't recognized in the Philippines. The school are nothing more than a money making tool to put more money in their pockets at the possible expense of the students. People need to do their homework thoroughly to make sure that their education will be accepted in the state they wish to work in. Good Luck


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I'm a newly PN graduate from the Philippines and now here in nevada and is thinking if i can take NCLEX here in US,even if i wasnt able to take my board of exam back in the philippines.. or do i need to go back to school here so new to this site that im so lost and dont have any idea yet..

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Unfortunately, the news is not looking good for your situation...

There is not one country that will issue a visa to work based on LPN training received in the Philippines because the Philippine government does not even recognize them for licensure.

The students who are attending LPN programs in the Philippines have no clue that they will never be able to work with that training in any country, because it is not accepted anywhere in the world for immigration purposes. Passing a licensing exam such as NCLEX does not give the person permission to work, and this simple fact is not explained to them when they enroll.

I have known nurses from the Philippines who were employed as LVNs in California, but this is because they had attained BSN or MSN degrees from their home countries. They were not able to pass the NCLEX-RN, so they challenged the boards to become LVNs in California.