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i need help on school Assignment

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Hi everybody,

As you can see, i am new to this website, so i am still a little lost. i have a school project due at the end of Nov and i need one volunteer that is a nurse. i am a first semester student at a local college in Canada. our assignment is to find a nurse onliine to have at least 3-4 interaction about the nurses life. and that is not in canada. it is nothing personal ie how long have you been a nurse, what do you like about it the most, what dont you like, would you still be a nurse if you can go back in time? etc.... as you can see it does require honest thoughts because (to honestly tell you, i dont know if nursing is the profession for me) and i kind of want to find somebody who felt like me when they were doing their schooling. OUr program now is offically 4 years program to get a BA in nursing inorder to go out and work we need to find out what their work life is like. etc... i am currently interested in going either to forensic, ER, OR and that narrows my field down, so to all those nurses who are interestd in this assignment and would love to help me please message me. i will only need one volunteer, but so far i do not have any luck so if you are interested please reply asap. I am not a pervert or a freak, i have passed a criminal record check before going into school so i am safe. the information you give me will be kept confidential betwen you me and my instructor. So please let me know if you are intersted


I have not worked in areas of your interest, so do not think would be that helpful to you. I have been a nurse since age of 19 and am now 51.

Hi Bargainhound

Actually it is actually better for me if you have years of experience. I really want to go to ER and i am currently 21, so i think it would be good because we are on similar level. So could i ask you to help me on my assignment? It would be wonderful and grateful of you, Pleasssse!!! i would greatly appreciate. furthermore, you are in the states and i might want to move down there when i finish my program. so please email me back if you would help me on my assignment

Anyone else out there that has experience in this lady's preferred nursing areas?

renerian, BSN, RN

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I do not have experience in the line you are looking for but if you can broaden your scope I would be more than happy to help you.




I have ten years experience in an urbal, Level I trauma center in Northern NJ in ER/Trauma. I am also a certified emergency nurse (CEN) about to take the CEN exam for the fourth time. I am enrolled in a BSN program. I would love to help you with your report if you still need someone.

My private e-mail is PattyScisRN@msn.com.

Please feel free to e-mail me if needed.


Thank you for all your replies and willingness to help me. i will email you privately


Specializes in ER, Corrections, LTC, ICU, Case Mgt. Has 18 years experience.

I am a travel nurse in Emergency Dept. Have been a nurse for 13 years, mainly in ED, have worked mostly level one trauma centers, but recently worked rural ED.

Glad to help

HI thanks to everybody for their help and willingness to help me through this. I have three nurses already and i believe that is plenty because i only needed one, but i wouldnt mind talk to nurses from all over to see how being a nurse has affected their lives. I do not need anymore volunteers, and iwill email to those people that emailed me back. Thanks for looking at this post and i appreciate all the help that i will be getting. thanks again

HI bryan, thanks for offering. once i get home (i am at school right now) i will email you the consent for that needs to be acknowledged by you and return to me by email to state that you have read this already. and along with the consent email, i will send you the purpose of this assignment. after that i will email you with questions

thanks again

talk to you later


Originally posted by bsweilrn [/i]

I am a travel nurse in Emergency Dept. Have been a nurse for 13 years, mainly in ED, have worked mostly level one trauma centers, but recently worked rural ED.

Glad to help

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