i need help on retaking the exam..


hey guys, i just have a question.. the thing is i failed the exam.. and what happened is i re registered on pearsonvue under my account and paid $200 again without contacting the BON of california..and it showed nothing but just told me that im registered..did i waste my $200 bucks on this? its because i didnt know, all i thought is that if you re register on pearson, u'll automatically receive an ATT.. my bad..and now im just asking if what i did was a waste..im so anxious right now..i dont know what to do..i paid good money with it, and pearsonvue page says they dont do refund..please respond guys..thank you..


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Hi Ianmolay, first off, I know that not passing the NCLEX is hard to handle, I had passed on my third attempt. It was good to hear that you picked yourself up right away and started the process of registering again. You did not waste your money, don't worry. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. He registered first on pearsonvue, but then wasn't able to schedule a test date. He found out that he needed to send in his re-application form to BON of California first, and once they received his application they would send the information to Pearsonvue and that would be when he would be able to schedule. I hope this helps, and please let us know how you do! :)


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well ...JMD813 is right ...you need to re-register again in BON pay $150.00 after 45 days they will send you ATT....and after witch you can schedule your exam again......well forget about the failing one .....repress it lol jk...what matter most is not giving up ......and will pass this....and prayers ....:up::up:

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You still have to pay pearsonvue their fee again as each fee is only good for one attempt but you will also as mentioned have to pay the state fee as well


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pheeww!!thank you so much JMD813, GigaRN1011, and Silverdragon102. that really took a load out of me, yeah, imma make it the second time guys, thank you again! :)