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Need help to reregister for NCLEX and when did you end up retaking it?

by KeepItSmiling KeepItSmiling (New) New

Is their anybody else that had trouble reregistering for NCLEX? Or can explain the process? I recently took the NCLEX mid-July and didn't pass.

I have been trying to lookup what I can do to atleast set up a date but I have yet to receive my ATT. Not much info is online about it, so far I've registered for pearsonvue and sent in reexamination through mail a couple of weeks ago. Am I possibly missing anything? Any help appreciated!

Hi! Did you every figure out how to reapply? I currently didn’t pass and am confused on what to do. I’m from California and it states I have to reapply and pay $250 just to reapply again. 

Hey did you pay for both a new license and a new test through pearsonvue? Or just reapply for a new test through pearsonvue and got your ATT that way? I have a temporary license still per the board but I failed my NCLEX so im wondering what steps I need to take in order to recieve my ATT for a retest


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