Need help with my position paper on adn vs bsn


I'm doing a position paper on the great debate on adn's vs bsn's. I have alot of info on siding with the bsn's, but not too much on supporting the adn, yet thats the route many student nurses take. Does anyone have any info on this?

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I don't know if you are looking for scientific evidence or personal view points, so I will give you my reasons for going ADN at the time.

3 kids, single mother, no better work experience than conveinence store or fast food, living at or below poverty level with no help whatsoever from my ex.

This was the fastest and most afforable way for me to go to school and still work full-time supposrting my children. At the time I did this (10 years ago)there was no long-distance schooling over the computer.

If I had it to do over, in this day and age, I would go for the BSN, but only because I am interested in nursing informatics and that career path requires at least a BSN in nursing for schooling either before or concurrently to apply.

I hope this helps with you paper.

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Do a search on this forum. This debate has been discussed at nauseum here. You're guaranteed a lot of info and opinions. Good luck. :)


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For an educational debate, please use your school's library. Utilize Ovid and you will find oodles of information. Good luck. I too did the ADN route at first because of my husband's military service.


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you might want to check the scads of previous debates on this issue at this site.

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