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Need help with NCLEX-RN study plan

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Hello everyone!

I am currently doing the Kaplan 5wk study plan and am on my second week studying and I feel that I may not be preparing myself enough. I plan to take the NCLEX by the 2nd week of Oct (about 3 weeks). I took the Kaplan review course and I have been taking about 75q/day on the Kaplan qbank. I was a pretty good student in school. Did the ATI predictor and had a 98% of passing. Have been doing average on Kaplan. As of right now I have completed 45% of qbank and have an average of 61% on all the questions taken. Trainer 4= 60% trainer 5=62 trainer 6= 65% and I hope to do trainer 7 by this weekend. I am EXTREMELY nervous for the NCLEX! I accepted a RN job and have already started orientation so I am under ALOT of pressure to pass the first time. I want to make sure I do everything possible to pass the first time. I am not concentrating on content and am mostly taking questions every day and going back through and reading what I got wrong. I do have the Saunders book which I only sometimes peek in. I do work full time in my new RN position but have been managing to do questions everyday for a couple hours and plan to use the weekends for my all day studying events. Any recommendations to ensure successful passing of the NCLEX? should I be doing more content? up the quest/day? any resources to use? I hear such a mix of people studying for hours a day vs. people studying for only a couple hrs vs. people not studying at all! ANY help or recommendations from previous test takers would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

I just took the NCLEX Monday and found out I passed. 75 questions, almost half were select all that apply. I did Kaplan as well, I did maybe 300 qbank questions, but finished all of the question trainers. The question trainers saved me.... Read every rationale. Don't go crazy on content unless there is something you really don't know. I got upper 60's on trainers 1-5, and 62/64 on the last two. I know it feels unorganized, but I would stick with their plan but focus on doing 100-200 questions a day. I only studied for two weeks and I left feeling amazing! Don't over do it. Get a good night sleep, do 20 questions the day of to get your brain into gear?..and listen to music and relax on the way to the exam.... Stressing will only hinder your performance! Also, use the ear plugs they give you, and wear some sweat pants or whatever you are comfy in. You will do great :)

Well congratulations! You must be extremely proud of yourself! Such a great accomplishment. I hope in about a month I can say the same. IM SO NERVOUS and will be extremely embarrassed if I have to leave this job do to failure. I will up my quest to at least 100/day. Picking my date for Oct 6.

Thank you so much for the advice it is truly appreciated.

I passed in 75 questions. In my opinion you should focus on questions. You already know the content. You passed nursing school. 75 questions a day is a good start. Try to steadily increase your questions daily.

Thank you for the input! I really appreciate it. I'm going to start doing 100/day. I'm just praying I pass the first time! Giving myself another 3 weeks then I'm going to go for it.