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Need some help with NC test!

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I've completed my CNA class and already passed the written NNAAP test, but I've failed the skills test twice. The second time, I missed a total of 4 steps in all 5 skills. How should I study so I know I can pass the skills test? Should I get a tutor? Help!

Practice on a person, and practice saying each step aloud as you do it:


Always keep in mind;

1. Have I explained the procedure to the resident?

2. Have I provided privacy?

3. Is the resident safe

You're going to be great. As far as tutors go, maybe you can find another classmate to help you? Or someone who has passed the exam!

Good luck!

Missingyou, CNA

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And may I add: Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing!!!!!!!

Always provide privacy, safety is also a huge deal, hand washing and dignity. Practice practice practice good luck.


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Practice with a relative or a friend. Thats how I passed on the second try. Go through the steps according to the handbook and time yourself with a timer. Practice makes perfect. :)

4yourcna on youtube is a great source is you are the type of person that learns by seeing things. Helped me out a lot to see and be able to view people doing the skill in front of me.