need help with this math question ... please!


A patient is receivin IV 20 units of potosin in 1 liter of d5 1/2 normal saline to be delivered over 8 hrs. How many mls of IV fluid/hour is mary currently receiving via Pitosin drip?

I know i know this .. but the formula is not coming to me. Any input would be great! thanks :)

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Basically the pt is getting a litre of fluid over 8 hours.1000 divided by 8 is 125.The pt is getting 125 mls/hr.


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Fluid volume: 1L=1000ml. Infusion time: 8hrs

Formula: Volume/infusion time


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it has nothing whatsoever to do with the pitocin (spelling) and potassium.

this is a straightforward division problem. no "formula" is necessary.

if you give one liter of fluid over eight hours, how many cc/hour is that?

you should be able to do that in your head: one fourth of 1000 is 250, and half of that is 125. or divide 1000/8 = 125.