Need help with malpractice and accountability.

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I am currently studying Nursing and am in the middle of a project. One of my tasks is to apply malpractice terms and issues as they relate to accountability. I was hoping some of you men and women would be able to steer me in the right direction when it comes to answering this problem. Thanks. :D

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Which malpractice terms/issues are you interested in pursuing?

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see this activism article from 2004 for lots ideas:

the importance of professional Liability Insurance in managing risk added 9/15/2004

the information and knowledge gained should assist nurses in all clinical practice areas to take control and manage the risks within their individual workplace and nursing practice.

ceu credit no longer available, but good info. karen

the nursing risk management series:

these independent study modules are:

i: "an overview of risk management"

ii: "the rewards and risks of the functional aspects of nursing education, information systems and management" and

iii. "ethical issues and specific risk hazards faced by nurses in their practice."

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I hope you put something in there about accountability meaning the nurse is accountable for knowing their own practice act. Ignorance is not an excuse if the nurse does something unlawful. Look at your practice act. You might find position statements and case studies that help define these concepts

From experience I speak. You, as a nurse, can be sued for anything. Don't assume your employer will save you even if it was not your fault. Have good . Make sure you know what u r doing and document well!!

Forgive me for absence, but I thank you all for your posts.

Karen, those links provided helped tremendously. I was able to compile and present a great power-point for my class that embodied interesting information that left the class wanting more.

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Try checking out your state's Nurse Practice Act...most of these use a lot of malpractice and accountability lingo. Also, check out the Nurses Code of Ethics on the ANA website, especially the expanded "interpretive" comments (you have to pay to get a copy but you can peek for free on the website.)


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