Need help with ideas for a research paper topic about "leadership and healthcare"!


Hello all!

I think I'm having some severe writer's block or I'm just thinking WAY too hard about this right now, but I'm just trying to seek a little bit of help in order to try and develop a topic for my research paper in my Leadership class in my BSN program.

Do any of you have any ideas at the top of your mind right now about a topic I could research that has to do with leadership in healthcare? Some general areas my professor gave us are leadership in change management in health care, leadership in technology in health care, leadership in evidence-based protocols, and leadership in embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection.

Any ideas out there! Please and thank you in advance!

- V

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When I have a paper like this to do I start searching for articles using those key words (pick anything your professor suggested) and then I see how much current (within the last 5 years) information I can find, then I pick my topic.... It may be an easy way out but I hate picking a topic and then have a hard time finding literature related to it.

Good Luck!


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Thank you for the advice! It is much appreciated!


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How about shared governance...


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I ended up figuring one out. Thanks!