Need Help! Getting Into Nursing School


Hello People^^

I need some guidance to get into Nursing school (LPN)

but the problem is that I did not graduate from high school

and i'm thinking of getting into the Adult Education (GED) program before

going to Nursing School.

Could anyone tell me what course I should be focusing on?

I'll be much appreciated if you guys could give me any other advice...


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Why is this in the Australia and New Zealand fourm?


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It is best to speak to an adviser at the school you are interested in attending. Every school have different procedures and the requirements for one school may differ when you compare it to another. So it is best to contact the school directly so you are not misinformed.


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I don't know if the ged is different in everystate but in Pa the math is very basic with a few word problems. Reading, social studies, and science are all read a passage answer questions. And the last part is write an essay and correct grammer in a passage! Good luck, its not too hard