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Alright so im 19 just started taking my prerequisites for BSN program at school, but i received a letter in the mail the other day saying i was accepted into the LPN program. It's a 9 month program and ill be 20 when im out, then i can work a cpl days make a little bit of money and still go to school for my BSN. Just wanted to see what you guys think... i've had alot of people tell me it would be a waste of my time, but on the other hand i was thinking it might be smart so i can work a little if i wanted to while going through school???

Need some opinions....



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I wouldn't pay much heed to the people who may convince you it's a waste of time. LPN is a nurse, RNs are nurses. I've seen fresh RN's with Masters on the floor being walked through every little thing that newly-grad LVNs know how to do. Why? because RN is theory theory theory. They have the knowledge, but when it comes to applying and practicing, its a whole new field. I've decided to become an LVN and work for a transfer to RN-BSN program because of the work experience and knowledge I'de have gained, and going RN is just going to build on that foundation I've made for myself.

With the huge waiting lists in my area, LPN can only help me be just That much closer to my goal. :)


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if you can go to school without having to worry about bills or making money, i would say, go straight for your bsn. do not make any stops, on the way, like becoming an lpn, not b'c it's bad, b'c all the lpn's i've had in my classes were going back to get their rn, they said they get their lpn's thinking they were going back to school to get their rn but didn't and now years later down the road are back. i know this is not everyone, but i know of many who have done this, so if you can, just go for your bsn.

good luck!

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I always think experience is a good idea. Also, I think you will get ahead at knowing where you want to specialize.

I just don't see a downside. You may even find a place to work that would help with tuition.