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Need some help on a community nursing education session

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Helloo everybody,

I am really in need of some help on a project I have to do for class. We are sapposed to pick a group in the community and teach them something valuable. I have picked the volunteer fire department that is close to me, but I am having a hard time figuring out what the topic should be? I am trying to relate nursing and firefighting?? Any suggestions?


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Think it through. Firemen are first responders. What skills do first responders require?

in my experience you will find that firefighters are almost all acls or acls instructors, and have first responder certification, so they are more likely to have a lot to teach you. suggest you find a subject group you can actually teach.

i read a nifty news article about a group that was teaching hairdressers about domestic violence. why? because hairdressers develop relationships with their clients over time, they see the bruises or other signs of physical abuse, women talk when they get their hair done, and the husband/partner doesn't tend to be present.

when the hairdressers learned about the cycle of abuse, community resources, and what to say when someone discloses abuse, they were really able to help these women. great, great community service. give it some thought.


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Got to admit I wondered why the OP was going to a Fire Department. Visons of hunky firefighters? lol

Perhaps she should be looking for a kindergarten class to discuss handwashing and bring along some of that nifty colouring that shows poorly washed skin.


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Along the lines of hairdressing...you could also teach a group of stylists how to screen for possible skin cancer. Living here in Arizona where we ALL pretty much live in the sun, it's something we think about a LOT, and we cannot check our heads like a hairstylist is able to. (A lot of cancers end up being found on the scalp.)

I'd nix the fire station...great idea since they'd be open to something, but there's not a lot we could teach them.

Thanks for the ideas.... I just chose the fire department because we live in a small community. It is ran by volunteers. When we have community functions it usually involves the fire department, so I thought maybe by reaching out them I could reach the whole community.

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A few years ago we had a firefighter die because she was asleep in the common room (fell asleep watching TV). This room was next to the garage and firefighters left the engine running on an ambulance (not uncommon as they need electricity for various things in the ambulance). Anyway, she died of CO poisoning because there was NO CARBON MONOXIDE ALERT SYSTEM