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NEED HELP!!! Applying to nursing programs and need advice...

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I'm currently a 19 year old pre nursing student in the Bay area, CA. This is second year in community college. I currently have a GPA of 3.5 (which I hope to raise). Some chem classes brought my GPA down. I still have a year of courses to raise it. Also, I got my CNA license and have been working for a month now. Ive done whole alot of research on various nursing schools and their requirements and have brought my list down to the following on order of fav programs:

Sonoma State University

CSU East bay

SF State

CSU Chico

These are only few of many programs I've looked into. Now I'm really worried about applying. First, I have an extremely important event in my life coming up in 3 months and I might have to take leave for that. if i do take it, I'll have to miss a whole quarter, which will push me back a quarter. In this case, I won't be able to apply to the progrmas on time and will have to wait the next year. Second, every school has slightly different prerequisites that drive me crazy. I looked to nursing programs with rolling admissions but unfortunately that was a failure. I'm very limited to my choices: I can only attend public schools and highly preferring California. However, if there are better options out of state, I'm ready to take it. M extremely afraid that I won't get into any program. I'm also planning to take couple of honors courses but i dont know how helpful that would be. Please!!!! Anyone know of rolling admission nursing programs? Any advice on how I can go about my problem?

If your schedule gets delayed one quarter, it gets delayed one quarter. You need to adjust your expectations accordingly. Also am fairly certain you won't find rolling admissions for nursing school in CA. One school I was aware of admitted classes every fall and spring. You will just have to choose programs based on their criteria. Write out a chart with columns for all the pertinent data and plug in your school information. Study that chart, then prioritize your desired programs. Prepare for, and apply to each one in turn, based on priority, or alternatively, apply to all or several of them at once. While you are on leave, would it be possible to take some online courses instead of actually being on leave, so that you don't waste so much time? Even one course would help. Also make a list of all the prerequisites and take the bulk of them. Then, start the outliers one by one or more, as you pare down your list of programs to apply to. That is the only way to do it. As you get responses, act accordingly.

Maybe you can use your leave to study for the TEAS? If you truly want to be admitted to one of your "fav programs" you will have to do good on your TEAS do you have a 4.0 in your nursing prereqs? Maybe you can volunteer during your leave too? Anything to help your applications. Some schools like SFSU admit spring and fall so you can apply a couple times a year. You are young, so one quarter is not very much time :) Schools in CA are very impacted so you may want to apply everywhere, including CC's to give yourself the best chance at being admitted into a program. Good luck!

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