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need guidence in clearing crne exam

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thanks gagan for the tips. can u recommend from where i can practice nursing process and problems in order to increase my percentage? if u don't mind can u email me on capsilk@hotmail.com. in this way i can ask if i have more questions.

once again thanks a lot for your help


hello ral

i read your mail and here are some tips which i used:

  1. practice nursing process as much as you can and apply it in your problem solving approach e.g. when first action of a nurse is asked, then apply assessment phase of nursing process
  2. rest of all questions mostly implementation process applies e.g. chosse option wh ich shows implementation process

patient fell down from the bed, what will be the first action of a nurse?

first action of a nurse is asked


first + action

first - assessment

action - implementation


- call for help

- call the doctor

- ask the patient he is ok?

- assess patient for any injury

  1. call for help - no

- first action of a nurse is asked

- this is class 3rd option/action

2. call the doctor - no

- do before calling the doctor (always remember)

- this is class 2nd option/ action

3. ask the patient if he is ok? - no

- what you did for the patient?

- problem perticularly ask you for the your action/implementation

4. assess patient for any injury - yes

- meet all the requirment - isn't it?

try to apply this approach

- always suggest and donot advice.

- practice canadian prep. guide ( donot remember anwers0

- be thorough with common diseases, lab. values, dealth and dying phsycology, child play and phsycology, intranatal excercise( breathing....),postnatal stress,antenatal complications, gi, respiratory, system and cardio disorder, drugs( actio,side effects,advers effects...) and more you better know

- read compandium

and try to practice problem solutions as much as you can do before test and see your performance and shoul be more than 75%

if have any quary, please feel free to ask me



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hello and thank you very much.you guessed well iam an indian from northen part of india, sorry repling you very late,thanks once again

hi gagan, congratulations on your success, i'm in the same dillema/problem as well of finding the right reviewers for the CRNE Exams and its hard for me to find the right books here and all i could find are review books for the NCLEX, i hope you could help me also, i'm planning to take the CRNe by June next year.

I would appreciate very much your help and assistance. Thanks


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